Who I am & How I can help


How can I help you?

Are you a museum professional who wants to diversify your staff and museum offerings? 

Are your museum stakeholders and staff members committed to being more inclusive and accepting of internal and external communities or individuals?

Is your museum in the initial stages of creating a diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion plan?

Are you frustrated you aren’t moving fast enough and want help to jump-start your efforts?

I offer:

  • Expert counseling
  • Phone and video consultations
  • Site visits
  • Long-range planning assistance
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Speaking engagements
  • Related services tailored for your needs

Must-sees and must-dos

I’ll call out or link to interesting activities that foster thought on DEAI subjects. Stay tuned.

What others are saying

"Cecile demonstates her dedication to improving our field by working to identify and remove barriers to museum careers and visitor participation. Cecile's communication is clear, concise, and respectful, which results in more open dialogue between parties. She doesn't shy away from hard conversations, topics, or situations; rather, she approaches them with empathy and intentionality."

--Lorie Millward, Vice President of Design and Programming, Thanksgiving Point, Utah

Best Practice Bytes

Daily examples of best practice when working to implement DEAI can be found here. Most of these examples will be anonymized or even conjectural, but exemplary museums who are featured will get a shout-out!

Your FAQs

Do you have questions? I do, too--but I also have answers. Here I'll display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

Please contact me at cs@cecileshellmanconsulting.com

DEAI Matters: a Near-Daily Blog

This colloquial, sometimes poignant blog reflects on a career in museum service, noting what it's like to be on the outside looking in.